Long time no see!!

It's quite around three years that I did not update on my livejournal. I hope my lj friends are fine ^_^

The first thing that I must tell is all of my mediafire account was suspended and my external hdd was broken. I can not re-upload any files now. So sorry....

Now, I still love Kanjani8 but just no time to follow them up everyday. If you want to contact me,please add my twitter account :
_keaw I hope to meet my friend again ^_^
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My new Twitter!! (again)

Hi my friend!!  How are you?
I hope you all should be fine in everything ^_^
Today, I update my livejournal because I made my own twitter for my personal use and decide to leave the first twitter to Luscious Board purpose. 

So I hope that my Kanjani8's fan friend will follow me at new twitter and we'll talk more!! :3  
My twitter :

Miss you all <3 See you soon 

[DL] Kanjani8 - LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ (320Kbps)

I think everyone should listen this single already but I still upload if a few person still want it. ^^;;
I couldn't credit the original resource because I don't know who is the owner. If you know please tell me immediately.

Anyway, Please support  Kanjani8 as you can do for them. 

Download : Kanjani8 - LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ (320Kbps)