Keaw (za_riel) wrote,

[Movie] Shinjuku Boys Detective ( Eng Sub)

Today.... is the day that I live in Bangkok  for 2 years!!!!   I can't believe that I could live by myself. I'll try harder to change something that I want. 

Anyway, I reupload Shinjuku Boys Detective as many requests.  Don't forget this sub translate from chinese to english. I'm not sure it would translate correctly. I hope some group will re-translate this movie again.  *pray*

Enjoy it and... Please don't re-upload in everywhere 

you can see some captures from old entry

Download : 001 // 002 // 003 // 004 //  005 // 006 // 007
Credit Original File : 001fans01
Tags: download, movie, 横山裕

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